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TGGP-21 【G1】Sexy Mask - Super Surrender - Save the Head of the Student Newspaper!

A wringer academy, located deep into the woods, boasts of a 100% success rate in sending their graduates to the nation’s top-notch universities. But, rumor has it that relentless grueling has been practiced on those with failing performances and who disobey the school’s disciplines. One day Yuna, the manager of the academy’s press club, receives a letter containing a DVD. The DVD discloses vividly the ugly reality at the academy. Yuna covers the story and posts the article on the board, which turns the school in total uproar. Yuna, responsible for the revelation, gets confined in a wringer room by the teachers, where she is subjected to harassments and molestation. Then, Sexy Masked Super Heroine appears and saves Yuna from the teachers’ outrage!! Yuna wakes up to find herself laid in the school’s dispensary, where Aki Akamine speaks to her to console. Aki promises Yuna that she would support Yuna in letting every student know the truth. Yuna writes another article, but she is snatched away by the teachers again! Sexy Mask stands up to rescue confined Yuna!! But, she falls into the trap set by the shadowly teachers and gets in a fix!! Sexy Mask is now groped and molested in public before the students to finally expose her true identity!!! [Bad ending]
TGGP21 01 TGGP21 02

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