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TGGP-14 Heroine Surrender - Cyber Force Justion - Swan The Marvelous

Justion has set out to infiltrate the enemy land all by herself, armed with the ultimate weapon with GR functions, just to demolish her long-time enemy Uncrime in exchange for her own life. She beats down enemy fighters briskly one after another. But, she finds her own sister, missing for years, captured as a hostage and has to surrender for her. Herself put under restraint, groped and tortured for the secret tip to unlock the GR functions, Justion gets screwed. As she begins to feel sexual pleasure, her sister strapped to a machine gets hurt and pained. The Uncrime fighters grope Justion’s body, while the ”Black Saturn Stronger”, a sex vibrator, is put on her erotic parts to send her to climaxes time and again. She is put on her hands and knees, with her butt and the groin licked and slurped. A big and powerful dildo of Uncrime’s special make pierces her from behind, making her reach climaxes repeatedly, as the fighters take turn to screw her one after another, again keeping her climaxed. Will she ever keep the secret of GR functions to herself? [Bad ending]


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