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TGGP-13 Heroine Spawn - Tentacles Hell : The Warrior Of Love And Justice Justine D

Justine has been imprisoned by the evil organization Diablos, but she manages to escape by detonating what little energy left in her body. Justine attempts to escape as far as possible, but the organization’s henchmen catch up with her. Justine fights back using the last power left in her, but she lacks enough power to keep fighting, and eventually Justine is cornered by the enemy. That is when a bright light shines through, blasting the enemy combatants away. There appears a beautiful magical warrior named Fontaine. Fontaine says she is a messenger from the god and she gives the surprised Justine the magical power as a gift from the god. Absorbing the new power Justine transforms into Justine Diosa. As Justine D, Justine defeats all combatants in a single fight with her overwhelming power, and enters the enemy’s liar alone because Fontaine lost her powers and became weaker. Justine D successfully gets inside the building, but something comes down from above and attacks her in the dark. It is a bunch of creepy, wiggling tentacles. Justine D cannot move, entangled among the ghostly tentacles, and lots of tentacles start gathering, wrapping around her body. Justine D suffers in pain as the tentacles begin to suck her energy. Then she hears a loud laugh of someone standing right before her. It is Fontaine herself, but it seems something is wrong with her.... Now the two doomed heroines begin to walk slowly into the tentacle hell.... [BAD END]


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