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TGGP-12 Super Heroine Monster Disgrace - Martial Heat Oceania

Oceania, a sole female warrior of the Marshal Heat has been chasing combatants of the Karma Empire, and one day she discovers a flying object from space and judges it as a new assault by the Karma Empire. And she chases it and fights against them inside of the site of the Karma Empire. But suddenly a mysterious monster appears and preys on the combatants. The couple of the same monsters have already bred, and they’re behaving rampantly and violently inside of the site. So Oceania flinches from this mysterious monsters and she is also captured by monsters, even if the monsters are utilizing only own physical ability. Her Marshal gears on around the body are destroyed by their sharp tusks, and the monsters bite off her mask as well. Her neck is squeezed by the tail, and she almost falls into unconsciousness and finally she is about to be their prey...However, after she recovers consciousness, she finds herself bounded by something like a cocoon. In front of Oceania, the egg is hatched, and a monster which is different from the prior ones coils around all over her body and sucks her tits and pxxxy, tramples on her. And the monster’s tail looks like a male’s meat pole sneaks inside of her vagina while she cannot resist against it and writhes in agony. And the tail stirs her vagina so hardly and finally shoots sperms. And she is continuously disgraced by the the larva monster like a huge-sized one with the sex drive of a beast. However, accidentally she is saved by a flamethrower of the Karma Empire’s commander named Bottom who is fighting against other monsters. Now the opposing enemies shares the same boat because this is emergency time of these monsters attack, and two of them struggle jointly for the monsters and operate a time-limited self destruction gear by a computer inside of the command cell. However, the monsters have been hanging around there as well...


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