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TGGP-06 Ninja Corps Fibyrd Swan Fighter

Swan Fighter as Reila Shiratori, the only woman of Future Ninja Forces FiBird, succeeds in sneaking into the hideout of Gangler disguising herself as a high school girl. However, her partner Eagle Fighter gets caught during the operation. FiBird commits a strategic error and Reila Shiratori gets tortured... Her rage against Eagle Fighter being killed motivates her to reverse the tide. She transforms herself into Swan Fighter and blows up the enemies. Then an iron monster appears in front of her... She loses in the battle against the monster but another chance of reversal turns up. She barely defeats the senior member of the enemy as well as the monster, and now she has only one thing as a target, which is to reveal the real identity of the Gangler boss and knock him down... However, the boss turns out to be nonhuman and a huge extraterrestrial organism. The huge tentacles beat up the body of Swan Fighter like whips and tighten up, rough up and torment her neck and body. Moreover, the huge mouth swallows her and the mucus of the organism tatters the reinforced suits of Swan Fighter. Swan Fighter Reila Shiratori makes up her mind to defeat the huge organism risking her own life... (Bad End)


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