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TGGP-05 The Knight-Shift “D’Arc”

The year is 21XX…Second Tokyo is the city covered with dark and polluted acid clouds, infested with violent crimes. Mio Tsukumori is a young, beautiful female police chief of TSUKUMA CITY Police Station. She has another face, however; Mio Tsukumori is a masked heroine of justice Darc. Hiding her secret identity, Darc fights the law-evading criminals day and night, clad in the special armored costume a genius scientist (also her dead sweetheart) invented. One day a small traveling circus arrives in the city. A few days later, Mio receives a strange message that says the circus troupe is behind the strange case of serial abductions of women terrorizing the whole city. Disappointed with the way her subordinate officers are dealing with the message, Mio quickly transforms into Darc and sneaks into the tent in the circus camp at midnight. However, all of this is a trap set to capture the mysterious heroine of justice everyone in the city is talking about. Darc has been fighting against vicious gangsters, greedy big corporations and even crime syndicates and never lost a battle, but this time she gets caught off guard and the masked heroine is uncovered by the small-time crooks on the street. Taking advantage of her revealed identity, the criminals force her to do the acts that terribly humiliate her pride. But what is their real purpose!? Now it is the time to start “Special Midnight Stage.” Darc wakes up to discover that, right in front of her, the shadows of men heavily breathing in the dark. Tied and strapped, Darc can neither move nor speak. The face of the invincible heroine will be soon revealed before the audiences. And a feast exposing the true nature of the heroine, a very horny girl hidden under her mask, is about to begin.


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