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TGGP-03 Shinobu fleet Shinobirenja-

This is a story about the fierce battles fought between the three members of chivalric ninja fighters “Shinobi Rangers” and Evil Space Ninjas “Ja-Kage,” the evil organization that attempts to invade the Earth. The invasion plans of Ja-Kage have been frustrated by the Shinobi Rangers, however, and the syndicate finally sends out their seven high-rank officers named “Shichi-Ju-Jin” meaning “Seven Beasty Gods.” Among them two female officers Wainsnake and Flybee are interested in Miu Nanase aka. Shinobi Blue, the only member of the Shinobi Rangers, and the rivaling female officers compete to defeat Shinobi Blue first. Attacked by two enemies, Shinobi Blue fights back bravely and desperately, but she is caught and tortured by the two high-rank female Ja-Kage officers. Then Wainsnake makes Flybee a proposition; that is, the two women warriors compete to prove who can get the information of the Shinobi Rangers from Shinobi Blue, and they start humiliating her. Flybee, who has been secretly attracted to pretty Shinobi Blue and determined to make the lovely ninja girl her own, begins performing pleasure tortures on her. Flybee joins in and both Flybee and Wainsnake tease her, subjecting Shinobi Blue to their erotic acts that give sex pleasure to the girl, but they wouldn’t let her reach orgasm, turning ecstasy into tortures, and Shibobi Blue becomes a fallen heroine in the end. (BAD END)


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