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TGGP-02 Quick Woman

In the future earth ruled by an evil empire ”Bagster”, people live in a virtual world getting their memories erased and being controlled by a device called Dive Machine. Those who managed to escape from Bagster have formed People’s Liberation Army Cheyenne and have been engaged in combats to liberate people from the virtual world. Mari, a warrior of Cheyenne, transforms herself into ”Quick Woman” to protect a boy named Norihiro Ozawa who is targeted in the assassination plot of Bagster since he has been predicted to become a savior of mankind. She provokes a battle against Bagster in the virtual world but Officer Bagster gets into Cheyenne’s dive system and plots to brainwash Mari while she is diving. Having been changed personality manipulated by the dive system, Quick Woman is forced to perform like a marionette at a convenience store full of customers. Will she end up revealing her true character in front of the people in the virtual world?


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