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TBW-19 Heroine Brainwash Vol.19 -The Fall of Green Sailor Fighter-

Blue Sailor Fighter Sailor Mermaid fights with monsters. However, she has a hard fight. Then, Green Sailor Fighter Sailor Sylpheed appears to help Mermaid. Sylpheed bravely fights and defeats monsters to save Mermaid. Sylpheed has a faint love to Mermaid. Sylpheed unintentionally kisses Mermaid when Mermaid is sleeping. But the act makes their relationship ruined. Queen Cobrana, a leader of monsters, attacks Sailor Mermaid persistently. Sailor Mermaid is driven into the corner but Sylpheed appears to save Mermaid again. Sylpheed try to defeat Queen Cobrana but she is captured by Queen Cobrana when she protects Mermaid. Queen Cobrana starts brainwash torture to Sailor Sylpheed. [BAD END]

TBW-19 01 TBW-19 02

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