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TBW-16 Heroine Brainwash Vol.16 Miss Infinity

There is a traitor in the Marshall Heat Squad!! Kaieda, a scientist of the MHS, wants to sell the top secret information in exchange for big money. Gyugeth begins the operation to retrieve the stolen goods by using Kaieda. While she battles against the Toad Monster, Miss Infinity gets venom splattered on her mask. She turns on the Emergency Flow System, but Kaieda has set a trap on it. When the EFS functions, it hypnotizes Miss Infinity to steal the goods from the safe. Then Gugeth completely brainwashes the poor heroine by using the special headgear created by Kaieda... She returns to Marshall Heat’s HQ but is accused for stealing the goods. Miss Infinity no longer has a place to return. Gugeth disgraces the poor heroine after she is in despair... [BAD END]

TBW-16 01 TBW-16 02 TBW-16 03

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