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TBW-15 Heroine Brainwash Vol.15 SuperLady VS Wonder Lady

Glay creates a super robot to defeat Super Lady and Wonder Lady. But not even his newest invention could defeat the two heroines. Before Glay could create the next invention to defeat the super heroines, a mysterious man named Gira appears. Gira says, ’If we can somehow split the two apart... we might just have a chance to defeat Super Lady’ Glay listens to Gira and successfully splits the two apart. With the power of the Clipter Ore, he weakens Super Lady and tries to finish her off. But Gira stops Glay from killing Super Lady! What is he thinking? Gira speaks of the reason: if they kill Super Lady, they will still be unable to defeat Wonder Lady. But if they brainwash Super Lady to fight against Wonder Lady, things will become a little bit more interesting..!

TBW-15 01 TBW-15 02 TBW-15 03

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