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TBW-12 Heroine Brainwash Vol.12 Lady Patriot & Tempest

During daylight, the relationship between the two girls is just a teacher and a student in Phoenix-Treaty Private School. But, almost every night they turn into the relationship between righteous master and pupil, and then protect peace of the town. Yes, they’re our heroines, the Super Heroine Lady-Patriot & Tempest. But the pupil Mana(means deep love) is being warried. Because she is still inexperienced as the heroine, so guesses that her presence may stand in the way of the master? ...Her repeated failure also drives her to doubt gnaws at herself... Then, one day, after weeks absence from school, Mana suddenly appears in the classroom. Without considering the master Mangetsu(means a full moon) who has been worried, in the middle of the night Mana calls Mangetsu in the school. Then, what Patriot sees in the classroom is the beloved pupil who is earnestly masturbating herself...! Actually, Tempest has been brainwashed just like a puppet by Handler who is known as ’a rare brainwashing mentor.’ Now, there is only one way Patriot can take...! Well, this is a work that techniques of brainwashing are fully drawn with reality, and also in the style of fetishes. The smelly drenched armpits in sweat are sniffed deeply by her beloved pupil, and in the end, what is awaiting Patriot is that devilish obscene costume dancing with a nose-hook while she is dirtily shaking her butts, and that also the enemy’s hard raping which is very destructive as breaking her cute hair pie...! Dead or alive! Our beloved Lady-Patriot! [BAD END]

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