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TBW-11 Heroine Brainwash Vol.11 Angel Force Angel Task Force - Angel Falling Imorally

Mami, aka Angel White Pink of the Angel Rangers Angel Task Force of justice, protecting peace on the Earth, sets out on a mission to conquer the Hell Empire’s soldiers. But it is a ploy to kidnap her alone and brainwash her. Her screams echo in the hideout of the Hell Empire as she gets brainwashed in the brainwashing machine! Yet she is enduring the ordeal... But, with half of her mind brainwashed, Mami’s body has been turned to obey whatever the Hell Empire Death God General Hardes tells her. She never opens up her heart, but she readily spreads her vagina with her fingers to show to Hardes, which she has never revealed even to her fiancé. Hardes screws and cums inside her. As he tries to brainwash her again when her mind has weakened, Chiyo, aka Angel Blue White, comes to her rescue! One week later, Mami wakes up in the medical center on the base. Mami accosts Chiyo and fumbles with her body. Caught by her fiancé, Mami is unsettled but sets out to the battle ground to deal with Hardes once and for all, without heeding distraught Chiyo’s restraint! But her anger results in sending Mami to the dark world. Mami has now turned into Hell Empress Medusa, clad in black costume and high heels. Chiyo transforms into Angel Blue White, fights with Hell Empire soldiers, but loses to Medusa. And, Chiyo is also subjected to brainwashing. Empress Medusa is assigned to do the brainwashing to prove her loyalty. Agonizing torture of screams, hollers and pleasure ensues... What destiny awaits her...!? [Bad ending]

TBW-11 01 TBW-11 02 TBW-11 03

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