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TBW-06 Heroine brainwash 06 Hyper lady

Mari has disguised herself as the heroine Hyper Lady and she has been waging a fierce fight to protect the peace of the Earth. There is one thing that makes her sad, however. Mari has been teaching students at school with the implicit belief in her principles as dedicated teacher, but some of her students, greatly influenced by the activities of Hyper Lady, start to justify the use of violence and injured their classmate. Because of this, Mari begins to feel guilty about violence and excessive self-confidence in her behaviors and questions her own identity as heroine with dual nature. Tormented Mari is invited by a stranger to join a self-enlightenment group called Enma. She hesitates, but eventually agrees to participate in the establishment’s session, which was in fact set up by the crime syndicate Goddess to brainwash unsuspecting applicants to their purpose! Trapped by the syndicate’s cunningly devised brainwashing course, Mari is cornered into a dead end and she finally has to expose her repressed sexual desires. Can Mari get out of the syndicate’s brainwashing and stop the evil plot of Goddess?!


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