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TBW-05 Heroine Brainwash 05

Miki Aoyama as the Sailor-Sapphire is a girl who loves righteousness, and she has been born and destined to fight against dissolute devils. The head of the dissolute devils named Banba (the Bat-Evil Man) has been plotting to change the earth into the world of darkness, but all the time he has been interrupted by the Sailor-Sapphire. This time Banba plots to brainwash Reiko Kuroki who is a best friend and fellow of Miki Aoyama and suffer the Sailor-Sapphire, and Banba wants to set up the Sapphire as an evil-person (Karami) and terminates her totally... And in front of the Sapphire one monster appears. That is Reiko Kuroki(as Karami). After their magnificent fight, the Sapphire is beaten. The Sapphire, who is totally bound, is going to have lesbo torture by Karami. The Sapphire is sniffed her holes by her best friend, and with too much shame she badly twitches her face!! Banba puts the Sapphire on a brainwashing machine and beams ultrasonic waves into her head. The Sapphire can’t do anything about it! How will destiny of the earth be turned out!?


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