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TBW-02 Heroine Brainwash 02

C Girl, who has come from far space, leads life in which she fights with evils day by day to protect the earth! However, even though she is a superheroine, she still is 21 girl! She was annoyed by her lonely private life of human interaction in her company. Max Luiza, who hates her, to cut in her emotional gap, schemes savage brainwashing! Brainwashing Program 1 ・ To weaken the strong body of C Girl, shed emeralnight, which she hates, onto her and weaken her! After the physical pain, put a high-voltage current into her brain and rectum! Brainwashing Program 2 ・ To give her emotional pain, make the people whom she trusted betray her! The people whom she saved for her own life is enjoying watching her pain.! Brainwashing Program 3 ・ Teach the vaginal and frustrated girl the taste of ecstasy and let the television across the country! Besides, the President and normal citizens who had trusted her plays her body like an toy! ・ The C Girl in danger begins to doubt her heroinity! Can she maintain her heroine ship!?


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