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TBW-01 Heroine Brainwash 01

A few years back, the Satan Cross, a gang of evils, was demolished by the Five Rangers. The Red and Pink Rangers were assigned to track down the few remaining gang members, a task which was thought to be a simple one. But, both of them were trapped and abducted. The New Satan Cross had a vicious purpose of brainwashing the girly Rangers to turn them into their gang members. The Pink Ranger succumbed to the hellish brainwashing spell and became a loyal member, pledging allegiance. With her tenacious spirits and robust body, the Red Ranger was hard to fell, whom the brainwashed Pink tormented harshly. Sandbagging Red in the stomack, Pink also engaged in a playful act of sordid lust with the gang fighters. The Red was pushed mentally to the wall, while the Pink started molsting her body, and came time and again against her will, further deranged. How would the two Rangers end up?

TBW-01 ENG 01

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