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RYOJ-24 Heroine Surrender Vol.124 -Special Rescue Force Cell Warrior

Cell Leine/Mizuki Takayama, an only female member of Cell Warrior, is attacked by an electromagnetic light bullet and her high-performance suit makes an error, so the front part of her helmet is unexpectedly opened. Carlos Miyabe, a weapon dealer and the boss of terrorist group, is attracted to her beautiful face and he decides to test his battle suit toward her. Carlos made his suit by improving Cell Warrior’s equipment. He overwhelmed Cell Leine. He deprives her club and attacks her suit with it. Cell Leine is hold on the restraining device and is gradually tortured by Carlos. Carlos inserts his dick into her wetly pussy. After that, leaders of Cell Warrior are set a trap by terrorists one after another. Terrorist group commences mass production of their battle suits. Cell Leine was a symbol of justice and peace but now she is disgraced by terrorists… [BAD END]

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