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RYOJ-16 Heroine Surrender Vol.116 -Sailor Mermaid -Rap**t’s Attack to Exhausted Mermaid-

Sailor Mermaid/Aki Kaijo was feeling a sign of monster. She prepares for fight. However, she is attacked from unexpected direction. Aki upsets. It was a blow by Kanie, a serial rapist. “I want you a lot, girl,” Kanie lecherously whispers Aki. However, she gradually recovers her calmness and drives back Kanie. He is surprised with Aki’s counterattack, because he underestimated Aki as a girl. At the moment, monster Planta appears. Aki tries to transform into Sailor Mermaid but she can’t do it because Kanie is petrified with terror besides her. Planta starts torturing Aki. Aki manages to resist Planta and let Kanie go and transforms into Sailor Mermaid. Aki overwhelms and defeats monster Planta with her killer attack “Blue Aqua Beam.” But then, she is attacked and tied with hell’s ivy. Planta was a plant monster. Sailor Mermaid’s watery attack didn’t work on plant monster Planta. Sailor Mermaid is tied up with ivy and absorbed her energy. She is finally captured by Planta and taken to the another space and…[BAD END]

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