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RYOJ-14 Heroine Surrender Vol.114 -Kage Ranger

Guga and Ranzo are members of Galaxy Ninja Corps Dark Seven. They start competition that which one can defeat Kage Ranger and make her surrender as a pawn. Kage Blue/Sena, an only female member of Kage Ranger, is caught in the trap and fights with Guga. She manages to escape from the battle by using the art of metamorphosis. However, she is caught in the Ranzo’s art, Spider’s Web Restriction. She is attacked with the art of Raijin on her crotch and loses her consciousness. Kage Blue is stimulated on her crotch with rope which has knots and put in Ninmitsu liquid. It is a tool which has made many female ninjas surrender. Kage Blue is tortured and disgraced. She is forced to masturbate with her megaphone. She can’t change into Kage Blue and is disgraced by Guga. Is she able to escape from their torture? Stand up, Kage Blue! [BAD END]

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