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RYOJ-01 Heroine Surrender Vol.100 - SUPER▼WOMAN

People call Monshe “Money Dog.” He is a trader traveling all over the galaxy and a money-grubber who accepts any job offer for profit. His target is SUPER WOMAN, Sheriff for extermination of the Galaxy harmful animal. He heard that a woman in charge of the Earth is especially excellent. Monshe pays a lot of money to get a time stop device. SUPER WOMAN is toyed with his trap. She is disgraced continuously. Her body fluid can’t be stopped. Besides, her hell doesn’t start yet. SUPER WOMAN secretly likes SUPER GUY. She has to disgrace him to eliminate remote vibration embedded into her crotch. “I’ve been loving you.” Her woman’s heart waves between justice and woman’s mind. She falls into Monshe’s dirty trap. The fruit of love between SUPER WOMAN and SUPER GUY is in hostage. What is her surprising behavior? Justice super heroine SUPER WOMAN has an unshakable belief. What is going to happen to her in the end..!? [BAD END]

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