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JMSZ-81 Sexy Heroine Shadow Cat -A Sealed Weapon

Actress : Miho Tono 
Director : Kang-syaku
Characters : Phantom Thief 

The thief Shadow Cat steals jewelries to seal devils who dwells in it. However, devils set a trap. They started sprinkler to weaken Shadow Cat. Besides, devils blended “Devil’s Saliva” with the water. Devil’s Saliva makes all women’s sensitivity expand. The next day, Ai goes to her instructor work but she is disgraced by a man who were possessed by the devil. Ai suffers from a sense of disgrace, so she goes to the house for revenge, but she feels pleasure during the fight. Shadow Cat is defeated by bodyguards. She is disgraced again and…[BAD END]

JMSZ-81 01 JMSZ-81 02

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