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JMSZ-41 Princess Fighter Pure Blazer04 -Intelligent Princess Noir Blazer-

“Take this …The holy anger to beat the evil, Pure Lightning!” Her gorgeous magic gets over the opponents. Risa Kurojyuji, a practical leader of Princess Fighter Pure Blazer, Noir Blazer has battled with the evils aiming domination of the Earth. Vanhotep, the evil monk of the evil creed organization Zonne is always betrayed cruelly. He makes a trap to ruin Noir Blazer. He takes a hostage Risa’s best friend Hikari Hoshinagi. Noir Blazer stands on the edge of a precipice. She gets evil attacks on her sexual parts. If Pure Blazer lost her chastity, will she lose her power? Meanwhile Noir Blazer is forced to take a least worst option. She has to LIVE TAKING ONLY VILLAINS SPERM. Noir Blazer decides to rescue her colleague. However she doesn’t know her decision put her into a corner. Is she able to rescue her colleague? Go for it, Noir Blazer. [BAD END]

JMSZ-41 01 JMSZ-41 02

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