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JMSZ-27 Justice Heroine of the Academy! Big Boobs Masked

The female teacher who wears glasses, Big Boobs Mask fights against the villains in the academy. One day, an incident where the boys of the academy go missing. Reiko changes into Big Boos Mask to fight against the delinquents. After saving the students, she finds out that there is a secret ritual. But she finds the vice-principal collecting semen from the boys to turn into an incubus! The mercenaries, who were hired by the vice-principal, tries to stop the heroine. Big Boobs Mask dodge their attacks but is forced to stop when her student is captured… When the harsh torture finished, she is forced to suck on their cock. But the heroine uses her magic on his cock and sucks his energy out! Now, she is up against the vice-principle.

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