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GTRL-64 Luminous X -Frantic Luminous Pink’s Horror Signal Hell-

Marika Amagi/Luminous Pink, a member of Luminous X, fights with evil organization Death Gandara. One day, when Marika goes on patrol, she watches traffic signals have glitch and many traffic accidents are happened and people fight each other. It was occurred by a monster Signaluga. Marika transforms into Luminous Pink and fights with the opponent. However, she can’t move because of Stop Beam by Signaluga. Marika’s body is toyed by Signaluga. Marika tries to escape from Signaluga’s attack but other monsters come to surround her. Luminous Pink is captured and investigated her Lumina Suit. She is tortured and brainwashed. Luminous Pink can’t fight as justice heroine anymore. She finally falls to the darkness…! [BAD END]

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