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GTRL-59 Heroine Climax Battle Vol.2 -Super Lady

After Wonder Lady died, Bandlega approaches her fellow Dr. Kobayashi to kill him. When Dr. Kobayashi is in grave danger, blue light comes from the heaven. The light was Super Lady. She accepted SOS signal from Wonder Lady through the telepathy and comes to the Earth. Super Lady knows Wonder Lady’s death and overwhelmingly attacks Bandlega and his subordinates with anger. Then, Weeza, Bandlega’s new subordinate, appears before her. Weeza’s former boss was killed by Super Lady, so Weeza now takes Cripter Ore, Super Lady’s weak point to defeat her. She is defeated and tortured by Weeza. However, Super Lady can defeat Weeza during his guard off and escape from there. Super Lady overcomes her weak point Cripter Ore and challenges to defeat Bandlega but…[BAD END]

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