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GTRL-09 Witch Angel Magical Mask Vol.3

Several years have passed since the terrible event.... Shino’s memories about her disgrace by the teacher have mysteriously gone, and Shino is now an able office worker in charge of her staff. When God tells Shino that many girls have been attacked by an evil ogre in this town, she starts investigation. Shino is soon confronted by a suspicious-looking man wearing a mask. She quickly transforms into Magical Mask to fight, but when the man touches her nipples with his fingers, Shino is unable to use her powers, with her sexual sensibility enormously heightened. The masked man runs away, but when one of her men passes by, he suddenly gets horny and starts assaulting her, groping her body. Unable to resist the enhanced sexual desires, Magical Mask gets disgraced in the end. Obviously there is something wrong with her body, so Magical Mask meets the mysterious masked man to find out the reason, but the man only invites her to the lab where she once was trapped. Now Magical Mask remembers everything! That’s when the masked man heightens her sexual sensibility again! Magical Mask gradually loses herself by the hand of the enemy, whose specialty of disgrace is making her cum again and again! Will she survive the repeated waves of orgasm?! This is the final volume of the Magical Mask trilogy! [BAD END]

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