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GPTM-35 Sea Star Force Kaiser Five

Evil organization Bowjack has repeatedly kidnapped women for gathering the power “ecstasy power” to use the resurrection of the Devil. Bowjack changes their target into Pink and Yellow of Sea Star Force Kaiser Five. The Devil of Bowjack will completely resurrect if they extract Ecstasy Power from Pink and Yellow who has Five Star power. Their mission to capture Pink and Yellow starts. Sea Star Force Kaiser Five battle with monsters. However they had a severe fight with four new monsters. Kaiser Pink strays from the others. “Game King” a monster who has an solid shell and “Queen Panther (female panther)” who can mislead people appear before Kaiser Pink. Whereas isolated Yellow also faces two monsters “Zenmaiger” who shows powerful force with spring power and “Clocker” who can control the time. Are Sea Star Force Kaiser Five able to beat monsters and stop resurrection of the Devil Bowjack? [BAD END]

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