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GPTM-33 Charge Mermaid -Mad Enemy-

Charge Mermaid/Aoi Nanami has battled with Evil empire Gozua. When she was injured by opponent’s attack, Shota Moriyama helped her. He shelters Nanami in his inherited small factory, Moriyama-Seisakusyo. Nanami takes a rest and helps Shota and Genji Shimizu, a senior employee. One day Moriyama-Seisakusyo happened to discovered super electronic energy which can amplify human power at ten times. They plan to develop “Super Electronic Battery” to charge and use the energy. Meanwhile, mysterious crime syndicate “Plant” secretly carry out their scheme. They develop “Human Machine” through kidnap, brainwashing, and remodeling surgery to people live in the town. Plant try to attack Charge Mermaid and Moriyama-Seisakusyo to deprive Super Electronic Battery for using their Human Machine. Battles between the justice and the evil for Super Electronic Battery begin!! [BAD END]

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