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GPTM-25 Heroine Pinch S

Shade is an emperor of an evil organization named the Hell-Shadow. His evil strategy is frequently obstructed by members of the Gozeal-Five, so his rage is about to reach the peak. At such time, the female cadre named Blackmore informs Shade of completion of the ultimate weapon against the fighting unit called the Trans-Death System. At the time, the Gozeal-Red and also the Gozeal-Pink who is a sole female fighter in the Gozeal-Five and named Sakura Momomuchi(means a flowery cherry and peach) freshly swear to keep the peace, while looking at the peaceful cityscape. But suddenly they receive a massage from Director General Domeki(means a demon with one hundred eyes), and get information that gangs of the Hell-Shadow are coming out and rioting in various places. Members of the Gozeal-Five split up to head to actual places. Sakura Momomichi appears before the Hell-Shadow who are rioting, and rescues people. And there, appears the female cadre Blackmore. Right before Blackmore who shows fearless smile, Sakura Momomichi fights against the combatants, but she can’t put up with the combatants who appear one after another even they’re beaten numerous times, so she is about to transform herself into the Gozeal-Pink, but by force of the Hell-Shadow’s new weapon called the Trans-Death System, unexpectedly a bracelet used for her transformation breaks down and she cannot transform herself at all. The combatants counterattack Sakura Momomichi who can’t transform herself, and beat her violently. But, while she is in clutch situations, someone throws a photoflash bomb, and she manages to get out of trouble. Sakura returns to her base and hears a story from Director General Domeki and finds that the other members as well as Sukura also cannot battle because of the same means. Sakura feels pressed but Director General tells her that a new member of the Gozeal-Five has ventured into a hidden place of the Hell-Shadow, and that the new member has started the investigation. And this new fighter is... [BAD END]

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