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GPTM-24 Superheroine Avengers

The five superstar super heroines assemble, and tackle evil incarnations! Here are the Fighting Unit Ranger Pink, the Sailor Fighter, the American Comics Heroine, the Lovely Girl Mask and the Stark-Naked Masked Heroine. The enemy’s aim is to rule the earth and brainwash all the super heroines. One day, one mysterious meteorite approaches the earth, and its abnormal phenomena draw the super heroines who belong in a different world; however, the meantime evil people try to make the most of energy which the meteorite emits. All the super heroines, who have gathered, splendidly fight against various foes such as monsters, manitou men, false gods and terrorists, but gradually they’re cornered and fall in a crucial situation. Finally, all the super heroines are retaliated by evil people, and all of them are humiliated and disgraced to shoot cum inside of a vagina, in the end they receives sexual brainwashing and swear loyalty to evils. [BAD END]

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