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GPTM-21 Spandexer The Platinum

Mayu Kujo, Spandexer, is a survivor of the planet Spandexer located at the far end of the universe. She has flown to the earth as an exile as a little kid, picked up by the Kujo couple who have been living a happy life, and raised as their daughter with their loving care. But, as the war and terrorism spread out at the time, the Kujo couple is slain by terrorists, leaving Mayu as the only survivor. Aflame with a burning desire to revenge, she has grown to be a secret investigator of the anti-terrorism organization Siren. Mayu, otherwise known as Spandexer trained with the steel body and ample fighting power, hides her true identity and gets employed as the secretary of Gohda, managing director of Hishimitsu Heavy Industries, the nation’s largest enterprise which is suspected of having relations with the terrorists. Gohda, an incarnation of sexual desire, hires women as employees to treat them as his sexual vent. He also sets out to develop a disgrace machine Type 07. Will Spandexer ever succeed in foiling Gohda’s ploy? Super shapely body versus the disgrace machine, which will prevail?! [Bad ending]

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