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GIGP-07 Charge Man -Frantic Charge Mermaid!! -Nanami Aoi’s Passionate Crazy Party-

Nanami Aoi/Charge Mermaid is a member of Charge Man who charge power of Gaia Force to protect the peace of the Earth. Garuke, a general of Gashuma, try to defeat Charge man to dominate the Earth. Charge Man destroy fortified battleship of general Garuke. However, when they return to the Earth, a monster Goddest changes people to bloodsucking zombies. Nanami transforms into Charge Mermaid to fight with the monster Goddest. However, Goddest control her fellows’ body and let them attack Charge Mermaid. Charge Mermaid desperately resist but she faces a nightmarish experience. What is going to happen to Mermaid… [BAD END]

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