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GHOR-99 Cool Heroine Bitch Rise

Syoma Murakami is a looser and out of work. Such a hopeless man finds a dusty notebook one day. The name of the notebook is Bitch Note. If someone is written its real name on the notebook, he/she is forced to carry out anything along description. First, Syoma doubts the notebooks effect. “If this notebook’s effect is true, I can easily get laid with woman.” A lecherous devil Mai dwells in the notebook. Syoma and Mai cooperate to become the target Justice heroine Wonder Lady who is known a cool lady. “Why am I feel sexual desire suddenly?” Wonder Lady is manipulated by unknown mysterious power. She feels impulsive desire to toy her sexual part with plentiful love juice but she can’t masturbate in front of opponents. However immoral deeds are written in the notebook one after another. A sweet smell from Mai’s body deprive Wonder Lady’s reason. She is forced disgraceful posing, masturbation, and feeling orgasm with squirting. When she finally demands Syoma’s penis, what happen to her? Go for it, don’t lose Wonder Lady! [BAD END]


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