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GHOR-95 Prideful Lady Punisher Juliana

In 204X, crimes increase its atrocity and are sophisticated. Most atrocious crimes are caused by the secret organization Genomix in Teito City. There is only one person who challenge fighting with the vicious organization. She is a mysterious beautiful woman Juliana. She always accomplishes her mission and demands extraordinary reward. She beats evils wearing a mask. She sometimes overdoes but Masumi, an agent of the detective agency is requested protection of the client. She has no hesitation in accepting the offer because she likes cute things and handsome guys. However she doesn’t know what will be brought by the mission. She sneaks into a sports club with sparkling high-leg-cut leotard. Masumi tries to elicit information by using her sexuality and finally finds opponent’s vase. However Juliana falls into the trap and receive torture and disgrace continuously. Go for it, Juliana! [HAPPY END]


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