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GHOR-93 Heroine Sales Frearth

In 21XX, the Earth is targeted to invasion by space aliens who manipulate monsters. Each country organizes special defense forces to against monsters attacks but they can’t correspond all attacks, so a part of their roles subcontracted to private companies. Selaim company which has Special Defense Force Lime Ranger try to keep their business and develop new customers. Company also decided to organize Defense Force members by good business performance staffs rather than their battle force. Ren Kasuga/Frearth was privileged as a female member but she also has to withdraw Lime Ranger when she gets a poor business performance. She desperately tries to get a good business performance to expand Lime Ranger’s activity for protecting the Earth from Alien Midora. Meanwhile she noticed that she can get new customers by using her sexual charm. She tries to develop new customers one after another against her will. Is Frearth able to stay Lime Ranger? [BAD END]

GHOR-93 01
GHOR-93 02

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