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GHOR-89 Secret Gardner Disgraceful Body Guard

Kei Sawamura/Secret Gardner, a member of Augus’s secret service SCS, is a professional security guard who secures various person from VIP of government to general people. One day, one of her client, a corrupt lower, Kozo Sameshima’s son, Shota is kidnapped. Kei finds the place kidnapper hide and rushes to there. She manages to rescue Shota after struggling with the kidnapper however Kozo Sameshima scorches and slaps Shota without pleasing his son’s safety. Kei instinctively strike Kozo Sameshima, the moment she faces his act. She expect to be banished but instead she is asked Shota’s guard. However it was Sameshima’s trap to disgrace Kei by using his son. Kei doesn’t notice it and exposes her body immorally with facing Shota’s innocent curiosity. [BAD END]

GHOR-89 01
GHOR-89 02

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