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GHOR-78 Superheroine Despair -Sister Heroine Last Battle-

A irreplaceable thing is that it exists beside you without notice and disappear one day. Spandexer who is a new face of the galaxy vermin extermination sheriff has no relatives to depend on. A mysterious criminal Madbull tries to lead her into a trap. Spandexer falls into a vicious trap. Meanwhile, a top sheriff Super Lady called a Spiral Seven is always cool. Their destinies are crossed. Revenge is completed in 900 years later. It is cruel and cold act. Super Lady tries to rescue her sister and tries her luck. “We never withdraw because we have a pride as a sheriff.” Super Lady never lose her pride even on the brink of death. However Spandexer is inexperience and she feels despair. She is deprived her power with an ominous biological weapon. What is happen to wounded Spandexer next? “We never lose until death divides the two.” [BAD END]


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