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GHOR-77 Bio-Armor “LiLiS”

Erika’s father was tragically killed and he left research experiment result, “LiLiS.” Erika utilizes “LiLiS” to beat monster “Kimera” through her excellent spirit, technique, and physical ability. One day, she rushes to the site urgently and meets extremely vast numbers of Kimera. They endlessly attack Erika. Erika’s power has a limit so her invincible Baioarmor is gradually put into a corner and finally destroyed. Her muscular body is revealed. Is her indomitable spirit submitted with dirty training? “Hehehe, you are only a human being although you equip a strong suit. Checkmate, LiLiS.” “I never give in until I avenge you. Ah, I can still stand it…OMG!?” [BAD END?]


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