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GHOR-74 Bright Armed Force Soldier Five

Alice Tenma/Soldier Pink of Bright Armed Force Soldier Five battles with the evil organization “GENMAKAI” which plot domination of the human world. One day, a citizen is injured during their battle. Alice visits his house for apology. The wounded citizen whose name is Takeru Kiba takes advantage of Alice’s fault. She is forced to get laid with him every day. She is reluctantly to accept his assault and hates it but she tries to fight with GENMAKAI as Soldier Pink at the same time. “HIDORA” a cadre of GENMAKAI waits Alice. She has no way to beat him because of his overwhelming power. She can’t fight with him although she has a fighting spirit. After she is disgraced by a citizen and an evil cadre, her spirit is broken off and finally lose her pride as a fighter. She is fallen losing her mind…[BAD END]


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