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GHOR-65 Witch Girl Surrender Torture

Death Eza who plots domination of humans suddenly appears before Witch Girl Marika and a Sage. Marika knows that Death Eza is a suspect of “Witch Girl Hunt” that recently happened. She tries to avenge Death Eza but she can’t match him. Marika wet her pants and lose her consciousness in front of her colleague. When she wakes up, the Sage is besides her and tries to cure her with his magic power. Marika relieves and off her guard.However Death Eza disguised the Sarge. He robs Marika’s movement with his magic power and torture her. Marika suffers disgrace. One year later Marika still suffers from bruise although she could keep a secret of her disgrace for the Sage and her colleagues. She knows that beating Death Eza is the only way to overcome her trauma. She trains hard and gets more power. Then Death Eza appears before her again. Marika put Death Eza into corner but she is suffered from his magic again which bewitched her one year ago…[BAD END]


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