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GHOR-61 Heroine Suppression Wonder Lady

Galaxy Sherriff keeps peace of space every day. The name of superheroine who keeps peace of the Earth is Wonder Lady. Recently she feds up with unreasoning attacks by incomprehensible aliens. “Commit a crime without using their own hands…It’s a most dislike case for me.” Such her casual words decide her destiny. Ende brothers suddenly appear before her. WL has a severe fight with Ende brothers who has a special ability. She is deprived her iron body and superhuman power. After that she is suffered hell tortures; bone smashed punch, face stamped in the floor, hardcore blowjob, and continuous face slapping. Besides her breast and virgin anal severely tortured, hanged upside down wearing fetish rubber mask, showered her own love juice, and get a pee on whole body. Meanwhile three proton missiles approach the Earth. What is happen to Wonder Lady next? [BAD END]


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