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GHOR-58 Heroine’s Prurient Face of The Night Beautiful Witch Girl Fontainelily

Female teacher Yuki Jinmura is Beautiful Witch Girl Fontainelily who gets the God’s power and fights with evil organization Cordova. Recently there is a mysterious rumor that female molester appears and eat man’s vigor in the town every night. Yuki’s colleague teacher Ikeda, who plans marriage near future, is attacked by the female molester “Night Butterfly” on the way to buy wedding ring for his fiancé. Gorius, a monster of Cordova, was watching the scene with surveillance camera and notices that real character of the female molester is Fontainelily. Fontainelily’s mind was twisted without notice because she have to fight evils every time and she can’t stand lonely mission and great justice. However she doesn’t recognize of herself. Ikeda cooperates with Cordova and revenges to the heroine with double personality. [BAD END]

GHOR-58 01
GHOR-58 02

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