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GHOR-54 Mother-Daughter Heroine Decay of Personality

Shiori was very famous as a beautiful girl fighter Aries La Vina 18 years ago. After that she met partner and has spent a happy life as a woman. Her lovely daughter Kaede succeeds second Aries La Vina. Shiori thinks everything is going well but evil is definitely approaching this mother and daughter. Kaede has no idea about it and she suffers from strong evil power that uncontrolled and surpass her ability. Kaede confess her worry to Shiori. She advises Kaede gently and kindly. However evil monk Geninbow appears before two women. Shiori is panicked to see him. Kaede thinks that her mother fear a monster because she has already retired from fighter but Geninbow tell the shocking truth. He starts cruel show of assault for Shiori and Kaede. Shiori tries to not show her orgasm expression to her daughter Kaede but She can’t bear it because Gininbow was first man that has sex with her. “I am a…toy of…this guy!” Kaede surprised Shiori’s words with her orgasm face. This story accelerates to the end. She is hanged upside down and instruments of torture are put on her nipples. Her scream is echo through the ruin. Shiori squirt to her own face with repeated Geninbow’s fingering skill. Shiori’s personality is decayed before her daughter Kaede. What will happen to her next? What is the future of Aries La Vina? [BAD END]


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