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GHOR-47 Making an Adorable Heroine Your Servant 3  REMAKE

Three Ranger is a force organized from three members. Its core members are reader Aska Hyuga (pure, truthful, and powerful woman) and sub-reader Kenji Masaki (reliable and nihilistic man). Ranger Yellow has retired because of injure during a fight and her successor is a young newcomer Miu Kisaragi. She had a strong yearning to Aska but reality is cruel. Yellow’s ability is much lower than the others. Red helps Yellow with all her force but their enemy Gorubeza, a member of evil secret society “Dark Complex” doesn’t miss such opponent’s weak point. Miu has been changed her personality through evil traps by opponents day by day. Miu destroys Aska’s private locker and deprive her underwear or pantyhose. Miu can’t control herself and disappears one day. Two weeks later, Miu suddenly appears before Aska and Kenji but she is totally changed. Miu holds Aska’s weak point and takes a hostage of innocent people. Aska is tortured with disgrace because he can’t oppose Miu. Miu and Aska fall into darkness of pantyhose fetishism. When Aska transforms into Ranger Red, vibrator is inserted his groin and injection is shot to his nipple. Besides Gorubeza and Yellow conspire with each other. Yellow takes Red to a base and they fall into nasty hell. What is happen to next? [BAD END]


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