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GHOR-46 Spandexer Suffocation Torture

Layla Himekawa is not a real name. She was brought up at home for orphans and was named there when she was an infant. A chairperson told her that she was fallen from the sky, she has a mysterious power, and she is not an general person. She named herself Spandexer and has struggled for justice to protect her second hometown the Earth. She is found by a space ruler general Zoldon who plots invasion the Earth. She realizes that she is the last survivor of “Planet Alpha” and fights with Zoldon for revenge of her murdered parents and Alpha Planet people and to protect the Earth. She gradually fall into a crisis by Zoldon. He uses Cripter Mineral which is a weak point for Alpha people. Zoldon doesn’t kill Spandexer easily. She loses her breath and suffers from chokes and tortures by general Zoldon…[BAD END]


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