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GHOR-45 SPANDEXER2 Weakness Revealed! Cosmo Angel Unmasked Remake version

Few days have passed since Moon Angel gave in pleasure. Evil opponent approaches to the third girl Cosmo Angel. Hiromi (SPANDEXER Cosmo Angel), an international cabin attendant has returned from a long flight. She is informed that her sister Moon Angel is missing on her way to a date with her boyfriend. Cosmo Angel sees her boyfriend to tell him about emergency with transforming costume but her boyfriend pushes down and kisses her by force. He ignores her promise just to see him and Cosmo Angel is inserted his thick solid penis over and over again. His demand for sex keeps all night and her bullet-repellent iron body falls into orgasm many times. When she wakes up in the morning, he is already absent. Cosmo Angel starts search of her sister again. At the moment, a green beam pierces her body. Feast for revenge is started calmly. “ Hello, Cosmo Angel.” “Were you in the planet for exile…?” [BAD END]

GHOR-45 01
GHOR-45 02

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