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GHOR-38 Fighting Beautiful Girl Shen Mei -THE DEATH OF SHENGMEI-

Beautiful Girl Fighter Shen Mei has battled with evil monks as a secret investigator. Fighters of Evil monk have strong body because they increased their power secretly. Shen Mei is kicked and punched relentlessly by them due to her low battle ability. Shen Mei run away from battle and has hard training of Chinese Kempo to revenge. She masters alchemy that can harden her body. Shen Mei increases her power dramatically but a cadre of evil monks, “Tenga” is superior her. He utilize Shen Mei’s ability and he throw her away to embed in a wall. Her big hip and thigh stick the wall and she is thoroughly tortured. What is worse she has retained her pee and she squirt her cum with orgasm while she is disgraced. Shen Mei is disgraced and exhausted. Evil monks torture her at each side of the wall and internally ejaculate, choke, and strangle. Dead body of beautiful girl fighter Shen Mei lie miserably…[BAD END]


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