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GHOR-36 We are Heroine Surrender Force Spandexer Moon Angel

Princess of Planet Omega, Spandexer Moon Angel has battled with evil to protect the earth. One day, combatant of evil secret society Dagon, 377 tries to execute terrorism at chemical factory but Spandexer rush to the site and beat him thoroughly. Moreover, junior combatant 388 is executed because he complains that their headquarters doesn’t send monsters. Combatant 377 feels furious at his organization’s tactics, therefore he organizes “Heroine Surrender Force” with Zora(He sneaked into Dagon to rob their secret weapon), Surrender Undertaker Syuzo (He has disgraced three thousand women), and Esper Satoshi (Dagon’s secret weapon). They tries to revenge their organization. Their first scheme is beat Spandexer to torture and train then let her their partner…[BAD END]


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