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GHOR-22 Heroine Pinch11 -Rubber Heroine and Closed Space-

Shizuku Mitsushima, an atomic structure scientist doesn’t know superheroine Spandexer is bleeding now. But it is not by chance, everything was a prelude of luck. Shizuku has lost her skin through the explosion accident of rare ore. She wears non-existent material on the earth instead of her skin. However Shizuku was positive. She got superhuman strength after the accident. She has battled with evils to keep peace of the world with her special power and seriously searched a way of her recovering to her original body condition. Meanwhile, she has a nightmare without warning. A monster monk Geninbou, overwhelming evil like give someone heart attack by only hear his name, traveling the Galaxy meets her and gets fight. Geninbou close a space to hold Lady Noble and approach her an unfair trade. A cruel game which like a torture her to death is started. Lady Noble feels easiness at first but gradually gets into a crisis. She gets domination with iron club and iron ball with her limbs holding for quartering. She suddenly spits bloods in haste. “ Everything has a limit. Everything is breakable in this world.” Her bones and organs are broken. Final attacks, high voltage electric shock and choking black out with frothing hit her. Lady Noble lied with unconscious showing her awkward face. What’s happen to next Lady Noble? [BAD END]


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